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What Students are saying

4 months ago
I highly recommend the Riyum Screen Printing Course, especially under the guidance of Ricky Sir. His intelligence, teaching prowess
7 months ago
Had an awesome experience ...couldn't have been better.
7 months ago
One will not regret taking the course at Riyum Screen Printing, I have done the course it was awesome.
7 months ago
The lessons were fantastic! I was fortunate to enroll in the advanced classes, and learning screenprinting was a worthwhile experience.🙂🙂✌️
7 months ago
I had a great experience learning screen printing at this place! The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, and I learned a lot from them. Overall, a wonderful learning experience and I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to learn screen printing.

Print your Passion Anytime, Anywhere!

Make Custom Screen Printing Kit of your Artwork or Logo.

AI Artwork Printing

With advance learning you can print Highly realistic prints.  

Scale your brand and take it to the next Level.

Trusted by our customer we have designed advance screen printing course for you to scale your business and print high quality prints.

Offline Course Only


Module 1: Basic

Module 2: Color Separation and printing

Module 3: Advance color separation and printing.
Waterbase inks, Discharge inks and special inks

By the end of the course you will be able to print from basic to advance prints.

One Year technical support

Offline Course With Screen Printing Kit


All lesson from basic to advance

Screen Printing Line table kit

Items in the Kits
1.One Line table machine
2. Two Squeegee
3. Two spatula
4. One Frame
5. One scoop coater
6. 10 film positive
7. All chemicals

8. Three Plastisol Inks

One Year technical support

Scale Up

Industrial Machines

Explore our industrial version of machine and equipments

Check out how an image is printed

In this Video we are demonstrating a high quality print using screen printing method. 


Screen Printing ?

Turn any image into products

You can print any images into t-shirt, hoodies, posters and many more items which you can turn them into merchandise to sell. Screen Printing is used by many artist around the world. It is the industry standard of printing in cotton T-shirt worldwide.

Halftone Effects

People only from the screen print industry will know the power of halftone effects and how it is used in converting any design, image or a picture into printable screen. We teach you right from the basic to advance level on how to separate colors using halftone effects.

Quality Results

You would want your prints to have that branded feel rather then cheaply done print job. With our experienced we teach you how to achieve branded like print quality and how to check bad quality versus good quality.

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CMYK printing​

CMYK printing in white T-shirt. Multi color artwork can be achieve with only 4 colors..

Simulated Process on Black T-shirt

Simulated halftone print on black t-shirt. On dark t-shirts we print mostly on simulated process printing technique to achieved high detail and accurate pantone colors.

Get Started Now

Almost all the printed t-shirts that you buy from your favorite brand are printed by using Screen Printing method. Click the link to get started.

Offline Textile Screen Printing Class

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Screen Printing class for beginners to advance level for Single student registration