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Screen Printing ?

Turn any image into products

You can print any images into t-shirt, hoodies, posters and many more items which you can turn them into merchandise to sell. Screen Printing is used by many artist around the world. It is the industry standard of printing in cotton T-shirt worldwide.

Halftone Effects

People only from the screen print industry will know the power of halftone effects and how it is used in converting any design, image or a picture into printable screen. We teach you right from the basic to advance level on how to separate colors using halftone effects.

Quality Results

You would want your prints to have that branded feel rather then cheaply done print job. With our experienced we teach you how to achieve branded like print quality and how to check bad quality versus good quality.

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CMYK printing

CMYK printing in white T-shirt. Multi color artwork can be achieve with only 4 colors.

Simulated Process on Black T-shirt

Simulated halftone print on black t-shirt. On dark t-shirts we print mostly on simulated process printing technique to achieved high detail and accurate pantone colors.

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Almost all the printed t-shirts that you buy from your favorite brand are printed by using Screen Printing method. Click the link to get started.

Offline Textile Screen Printing Class

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Screen Printing class for beginners to advance level for Single student registration