Screen Printing Class

Why Screen Printing?

Printing is the most important factor in any streetwear brand or for a Graphic Designer. Knowing how to print by yourself saves cost, you are able to control the quality, and experiment unlimited trails to perfect your final printed design which would be impossible if you outsource. There are couple of ways to print a t-shirt however Screen Printing is most widely used in the screen Printing Industry globally.

Join the Offline course in Guwahati

Screen Printing class for beginners to advance level for single student registration 


CMYK Artwork print

The artwork is designed by Guwahati base artist Amalendu Kaushik founder of Studio Zeng, A animation studio. 

Learn how to Screen Print

In our 3 days Screen Printing workshop you learn right from the start to finished product. By the end of the workshop you will be able to print your own designs into a t-shirt and other materials using the real world commercial system that are used by everyone in the t-shirt printing industry worldwide. You can straight away start printing your own designs confidently and also able to print any images. You will also be learning different market aspect in screen printing industry so as to come up with your own unique products to reach your audience.