Screen Wash Ink Cleaner


Super clean all the inks in the screen with Screen Wash to reclaim the screen or clear any choked inks during production.

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Screen Wash Ink Cleaner.

Whether you use water base or Plastisol inks, now you can clean all the inks with screen wash effectively. It will give you clean screen before reclaiming or removing the emulsion to use for other design print.

How to use?

  1. Apply or spray a little amount of screen wash chemical onto to the screens.
  2. Take a spare cloth or towel and scrub both side, re-apply screen wash if needed until its clean.
  3. After its clean thoroughly, it is now ready to reclaim.
  4. To reclaim or remove emulsion, you must have the screen stripper chemical.


  1. Keep out of children
  2. Do not intake.
  3. Avoid contact with eye.
  4. Wash thoroughly with water.

For Industrial Use Only.

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